Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Philosophy is located in Helen C. White Hall, right on the shore of beautiful Lake Mendota and at the heart of the university campus. Its faculty carries on a long and proud tradition of highly acclaimed teaching and research in core areas of philosophy—especially in the philosophy of science and ethics, but also in metaphysics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy. The department attracts nearly two hundred undergraduate majors, and its outstanding Ph.D. program has placed graduates in some of the best departments in the country. Along with its colloquium program, the department regularly hosts conferences and is the home of the annual Wisconsin Metaethics Workshop.

Double Major Hannah DeBrine on studying both Math and Philosophy

Upcoming Events

  • Our next colloquium will be on April 21st. Corrine Gartner, from Wellesley College, will give a talk on Aristotle on the Friendships of the Bad.
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News Highlights

  • Click here to read a wonderful article on Jefferson High School's Philosophy Club and Paula Gottleib's work with them.
  • We are proud to announce that two of our majors have recently L&S awards! Alex Chen has received the Jane Goddard Scholarship and Channi Ernstoff has received the Thomas W. Parker Scholarship. Congratulations to Channi and Alex!
  • Our yearly Philosophy Department Newsletter is now available!
  • Elliott Sober interviewed at 3AM on methodological naturalism, evolutionary theory and theism, Ockam's Razor, physicalism, and a lot more!
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