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I am a Professor of Philosophy and Affiliate Professor of Educational Policy Studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have diverse interests, including but not limited to the following:

  • The theoretical foundations of liberalism.
  • The place of democracy in liberal theory.
  • The aims of education.
  • What constitutes a good childhood.
  • The place of the family in a theory of justice
  • Education reform, especially as it concerns choice and privatization.

My major current project within political philosophy is working out the place of the family in egalitarian liberalism. I'm working on a book with Adam Swift called Family Values which we are planning to finish by sometime in 2007. Some of the preliminary work for this project can be found in the Papers on the Web section of this site.

My main project within education is an exploration of a number of school reform ideas such as school choice, democratic schools, and small schools, in the light of an egalitarian theory of educational justice. This project is being faciliated in part by a generous scholarship from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

My other books are School Choice and Social Justice, ,Justice, On Education and, edited with Gillian Brock, The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism. There's a very kind review of On Education by Julian Baggini here. You can also buy my dad's books, How To Improve Your School and The Joy of Teaching which are infinitely more useful than mine.

I am co-editor, with Randall Curren and Mitja Sardoc, of Theory and Research in Education.

I am also an associate editor of Imprints.

I made a momentary appearance being beaten up by an LAPD officer, and then sitting in the Police Bus, in the 2000 movie Bread and Roses.

Elsewhere on my website you can find some published and unpublished papers, some of my commentaries on American education policy for the Times Educational Supplement, and some links to other useful (and, frankly, some frivolous) sites. You might also want to visit the academic weblog I contribute to, Crooked Timber.