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Here are some recent commentaries of mine, mainly written for the Times Educational Supplement. Bear in mind that I had no control over the titles given to the pieces!

Mainly US-Focused Pieces:

Boys and girls: Playing the Blame Game in the Battle of the Sexes

The length of lunch breaks: Barbarians eat into our lunch break

Grade Inflation: Silence the Grade Whingers

School choice: Charters for Choice

Evolution and Intelligent Design: Bush Goes Bananas in the Monkey Wars (I do not pick the headlines!!)

Teaching history patriotically: Sentimental myths harm our history

Summer vacations are too long: Mind the Holiday Gap

Social mobility and educational equality: Birth of Educational Equality in the US

The pledge of allegiance: America: One Nation Now Divided By God

About Channel One and commercialism in schools: Don't Let Ads Poison Children's Minds

My optimistic take on No Child Left Behind: Bush's Left Turn for Education

Religious Schools: Why I Have Faith In Religious Schools


Mainly UK-Focused pieces:

Blame it on the puritans: Review of Intelligence, Destiny and Education by John White

On Muslim Schools: Review of In Good Faith by Marie Parker-Jenkins et al.

A debate about comprehensive schools with my dad: Can Comprehensives Really Work? (my dad's article is here)

On targetting resources to disadvantaged pupils: Tricks for Social Mobility

Against privatising management of schools: School Profits Are Doomed

On teaching citizenship: Rigours of Right and Wrong

How Lotteries Could Make School Admissions Fairer (The Independent)

Educational Equality and Selection in the UK (The Independent, premium content)


Here, finally, are some of my favourite recent Crooked Timber posts and discussions from the archive:

Basil D'Oliveira

Why Love Matters

Gay Marriage and Straight Divorce

Adrian Grey-Turner 1955-1986

The Education White Paper

Hugh Laurie


David Brooks on Annette Lareau's Unequal Childhoods

The Prehistory of Python

Teaching Patriotism

A Defence of Equality (with Chris Bertram) (a reponse to David Schmidtz piece for the Cato Institute).

Good Childhood

The Decline of Marriage

In Defence of Marriage?