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Papers on the Web

Harry Brighouse, "The Ethics of Private Schools" (a talk, portions of which ended up in "Against Privatising Schools in the UK" and "What's Wrong with Privatising Schools?")

Harry Brighouse, "Paying for Higher Education: Are Top-Up Fees Unfair?"

Harry Brighouse and Adam Swift, "Legitimate Parental Partiality"

Harry Brighouse and Adam Swift, "Parents' Rights and the Value of the Family"

Harry Brighouse, "How Should Children Be Heard?"

Harry Brighouse, "Educational Equality and the Varieties of School Choice"

Harry Brighouse and Elaine Unterhalter, "Primary Goods, Capabilities, and the Millenium Development Target for Gender Equity in Education"

Elaine Unterhalter and Harry Brighouse, "Distribution of What? How will we know if we have achieved Education for All by 2015?"

Harry Brighouse and Marc Fleurbaey, "On the Fair Allocation of Power"

Adam Swift, "Would Perfect Mobility be Perfect?"