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Recommended Links

A great source of draft and recent work in political philosophy and economics is The Equality Exchange.

For up-to date info concerning online papers in Philosophy go to Brian Weatherson.

The Real Utopias Project is run out of the Havens Center at UW Madison. The Havens Center maintains a rich audio archive of its Visiting Scholars Program.

Erik Olin Wright's Draft and Forthcoming Papers.

For interesting commentary on education policy issues in the UK try Harvey Goldstein at the Institute of Education and Mike Baker at the BBC. See also Catalyst for thoughtful policy analysis concerning education, public services, fiscal policy, redistribution, etc.

The BBC and the Open University have a fantastic site about the history of childhood called The Invention of Childhood.

For US education policy, even though I disagree with a lot of it, I always find Education Next interesting and useful. Similarly Rethinking Schools. I imagine neither of them would be overjoyed about being lumped together. The Economic Policy Institute has gathered together all of Richard Rothstein's NYT articles on education in the US.

I spend a lot of time listening to Stuart Maconie, Desmond Carrington, and Bob Harris. And even more listening to BBC7, which could have been invented just for me.

Those of you who remember Noggin the Nog might enjoy the Dragon's Friendly Society. In fact those who don't would enjoy it too if they had any taste. Similarly Castle Saburac, the fan site for Catweazle.