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INSTRUCTOR:  Malcolm R. Forster

Philosophy and the Sciences

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Evolution? Are You Sure?

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Course Readings: Curd & Cover, Chapter 1 (Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos, Ruse, Laudan, Ruse), Chapter 2 (Commentary), Chapter 3 (Laudan), Chapter 4 (Commentary). Truthlikeness (handout), Induction and the Problem of Prediction (handout), plus Notes (see below).

Discussion questions:  1 , 23, 4, 5, 9

Notes: 1 (Logic), 2 (Demarcation), 3 (Lakatos), 4 (Evolution), 5 (Creationism), 6 (Vision), 7 (Values), 8 (Kuhnian relativism), 9 (Objectivity), 10 (Verisimilitude), 11 (Scientific Induction), Handout (Prediction and the Problem of Induction)

Class Debates:
1.  Creationism vs Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
2.  Is Science Subjective and Relative?
3.  Mind Reduces to Brain.


Internet Searches: Do your own internet searches. If you have your own computer, I recommend that you download and install WebFerret, which will access many internet search engines simultaneously. This is freeware.

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