Madison squash ladder

1999 Wisconsin State Squash Championships
MAC, Milwaukee, March 20 and 21, 1999

Damon Bourne (Madison) won the  Championship by beating Tom Hayes 3-0, Ross Read 3-1, and Mark McBride 3-1.  Wes Dripps (Madison) lost in the semifinals to Mark McBride (Milwaukee).  Malcolm Forster (Madison) won the consolation plate by losing to Ross Read (Milwaukee) in the first round 3-0, and then beating Fernando Chavez (Madison) 3-1 and Tom Hayes (Milwaukee) 3-2.  Other Madison players included Simon Anderson (lost to McBride), Rick Friday (lost the 50+ final to John Nelson of Milwaukee), Paul Menzell (lost to John Nelson), and Phil Cross (lost to Steve Epperson of Milwaukee in the B final).  The photos are from the Forster-Chavez match (thanks to Simon Anderson and to Damon Bourne for taking them).   Fernando Chavez is wearing the black shirt.

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You can't see the ball, but you know where it is from where we are looking.  Looks like Fernando's got it covered.

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It's going to be a drop to the front corner or a cross-court drive or a straight drive.  Fernando is not absolutely sure which it is.

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Here comes a drop volley to the front left corner.  Can't really tell from the photo, but Fernando doesn't look impressed.

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