A Note on Deutsch’s Quantum Mechanics and Decision

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 David Deutsch has a forthcoming article called "Quantum Mechanics and Decision" in which he claims to derive the standard probabilistic interpretation of the wavefunction for non-probabilistic considerations. In this note, I try to develop his argument in a classical context, to see whether the same ideas can generate probabilistic conclusions from non-probabilistic assumptions in a more general way. While my answer is negative, the attempt pinpoints the parts of Deutsch’s quantum mechanical argument that must rely on special features of the formalism (assuming that his proof is correct).


  1. No Probabilities In, No Probabilities Out?
  2. The Axioms and the Argument
  3. Conclusion

Main Reference

Deutsch, David (to appear). "Quantum Theory of Probability and Decisions." Proc. R. Soc. Lond. AThe preprint is available online.