Philosophy 341
Fall, 2002

Moral Issues

Daniel M. Hausman


Teaching Assistant: Fred Harrington
5172 Helen C. White Hall; 263-2065
Office Hours: T 3:30-4:30; W 2:15-3:15
Fall 2002 Syllabus

Discussion Questions

Kant, Roe v. Wade, Warren, Marquis, Thomson, Brody, Utilitarianism, Fieser, Rawls, Reiman, Mill, den Haag, Lemann, Connerly, Wasserstrom, Hausman-McPherson, Fullinwider, Horowitz, Sher, Levin, Pojman, Dworkin, On the Lectures


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Skill Sheets: Logic, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

Practice Logic Quiz
Further Advice on Reconstructing Arguments

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