Philosophy 521

Philosophy of Social Science

Fall, 2009

Dan Hausman


Answers to 2007 Quizzes: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6

Discussion Questions

PhilSci1, Woodward1, Hollis, Smith-1, Smith-2, Smith-3, Game Theory, Mill ch1-3, Mill ch 4-6, Mill ch. 7,8, Mill ch. 9(1-3), 10(4,6,7), Mill, ch. 11, Marx Intro., Estranged Labor, Theses on F, The German Ideology, "Preface and Outline", Weber, Watkins, Durkheim, Lukes, Sensat, Harris, Cohen, Elster, Boorse, Pettit, Rationality, Satz-Ferejohn, Green-Shapiro

Writing Help

Strunk &White The Elements of Style (a great source)
Paper Check List
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