Philosophy/Economics 524

Philosophy of Economics

Spring, 2013

Dan Hausman


Paper Check List

Term Paper Topics




Discussion questions (from Spring 2012, to be revised): 1/23, Backhouse, ch. 2-3, Backhouse, ch. 4-5, Rationality, Consumer Choice, Production, Introduction, Hume, Popper, Friedman, Mill, BK-6,7-Romer,Samuelson, Blinder, ISLM, NewClassicalMacro, deLong, Krugman, ideology, Rabin, Hoover on Microfoundations, Vernon Smith,Fehr-Gachter, Buchanan & Vanberg, Normative Economics 1, Hausman&McPherson

Bibliography from Economic Analysis and Moral Philosophy

Bibliography from The Inexact and Separate Science of Economics