Philosophy 524, Fall 2006


Revised Schedule

Wednesday, November 22: More on game theory

Readings:  No additional readings

Monday, November 27: Bargaining theory

         Readings: EAMPPP section 14.5; Gauthier, Morals by Agreement pp. 112-29.

Wednesday, November 29:  No class

Friday, December 1:  No class

Monday, December 4: Gauthier's view of bargaining

Morals by Agreement, pp. 129-46

Monday, December 4, 5:30-7:30: Special dinner seminar.  Justice, Bargaining Theory, and constrained maximization

         Readings: Morals by Agreement, chapter 5, and chapter 6, pp. 157-89.

Wednesday, December 6:  Is constrained maximization rationally defensible?

         Readings: Morals by Agreement, chapter 6, pp. 157-89

                  Robert Frank, "A Theory of Moral Sentiments" (xerox)

*Friday, December 8: How to make the bargain just: what are the limits to the non-agreement point?

         Readings: Morals by Agreement, pp. 190-208.

Revised term papers due

Monday, December 11: Rights

         Readings: Morals by Agreement, pp. 209-223.

                  EAMPPP, Chapter 10, Sections 10-2-10.4, pp. 163-67.

Wednesday, December 13: Rights, justice, and self-interest

         Readings: Morals by Agreement, pp. 223-232.

                  EAMPPP, ch. 6, sections 6.1-6.3, pp. 78-89.

Friday, December 15: Conclusions on normative economics

         Readings: EAMPPP, ch. 15, pp. 259-73