Philosophy 555

Political Philosophy

Spring, 2010

Dan Hausman


Term Paper Topics (under construction)

Midterm Answers

Discussion Questions

Twelve Questions,
Limbaugh, Swift on Justice (I) , Swift on Justice (II), Republic, Book II, Republic, Book III, IV, Republic, Book VIII, Hobbes (I), Hobbes (II), Hobbes (III), Locke (ch. 1-5), Locke (ch. 6-10), Locke (ch. 11-19), Rousseau, Discourse (I), Rousseau, Discourse (II), Rousseau, Social Contract, Mill, ch. 1&2, Mill, ch. 3&4, Mill, ch. 5 , Mill, Considerations, Rawls, Part I, Rawls, Part II, Rawls, Part III, Swift-liberty1, Swift-liberty2, Swift-equality, Swift-community

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Strunk &White The Elements of Style (a great source)
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