Principia Discordia  Here it is!  The wholedamshebang!  Meet Malaclypse the Younger KSC, Omar Kayyam Ravenhurst, Camden Benares, and if course the Apostle Hung Mung (true originator of the Sacred Chao).  Complete with the original pictures!  This is the fourth edition.  My own copy, which I'm very proud to say was the first edition, was read to bits back in the 'sixties.  Here is the only religion that rejects all faith, the ethic that thumbs its nose at duty, the politics of no confidence and no authority.  All hail Eris!  Kallisti!

I met co-author Kerry Thornley (Ravenhurst) one beautiful spring day in 1967, in Sproul Plaza in Berkeley.  He advised me to read Max Stirner, on the grounds that he was "more consistent" than Rand or Nietzsche.  Consistently what?  Alas, it didn't occur to me to ask, so I was left little the wiser.  One of the students who gathered around to hear him talk said that he disagreed with him. Personally, the student said, he was a socialist.  Thornley said that his anarchist utopia could actually be heavily socialist -- there could even be a socialist-anarchist community next to his, which would be capitalist-anarchist.  As long as they didn't force him to live their way, they could pursue their own ideals as far as they want.