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Nota: A site's appearing here does not in any way constitute an endorsement of its contents (nor would the authors represented there necessarily agree with anything you see here). It only means I think they are worth visiting.

My Exquisitely Tasteful Publishers:

Routledge This is the publisher of Nietzsche and the Origin of Virtue. They recently brought it back into print, after letting it lapse briefly, so you should be able to order it from them for a while to come.

Rowman and Littlefield This is the publisher of Character and Culture. They, too, have an online ordering service.

Internet Resources:

Aristos Michelle Kamhi and Louis Torres are working hard to bring attention to Ayn Rand's much neglected theory of art and literature. This is their web site.  It was dormant while they wer finishing their book, but now they are adding new material again.

Episteme Links Verily, this is the home of philosophy on the web. Lots of Nietzsche links here, among much else. Don't miss it!

Library Catalogues, UW-MadisonSearch for books and periodicals here (if you are an official holder of a library card, that is).

Literature Links. A collection I put together for my philosophy and literature course.

World's Shortest Political Quiz This instantly-evaluated questionnaire diagnoses your political position, but instead of using the usual one-dimensional system (along a left-right continuum) to classify political positions, it uses a two-dimensional one.  Leftists, pointing out that the point of view behind the questions in the quiz is obvious, claim that the quiz is biased.  What do you think?  How often have you encountered questions that are slanted the other way?


The Ayn Rand Society  An organization of professional philosophers and graduate students.

Institute for Humane Studies  I'm proud to say I've been on their Academic Review Committee for almost a quarter of a century.  These people offer a great variety of grants for students and young faculty who want to study human liberty. If you decide to apply for one of these grants, be sure to apply for, and attend, one of their Summer Seminars first. They probably won't take your application very seriously unless they get to meet you in person.

UW Students of Objectivism Click here to find out about visiting speakers and other programs of general interest.


Chris Matthew Sciabarra's Homepage Chris is a true liberal. In the interest of provoking dialogue, he puts some very adverse criticisms of his controversial work on his site, together with his replies.

Ronald Dworkin A (maybe the) leading exponent of a sort of liberalism which places great value on equality and (to my mind at least) rather less value on liberty.

Richard A. Epstein  I've known Richard since around 1980 or so.  He's changed his mind on some foundational issues since then (thereby heading in the wrong direction, in my humble opinion) but he has always been one of the most interesting, smart, and learned people around.   Whatever the issue might be, I always want to know what Richard thinks about it.

David Friedman  I first met David in I think 1966 or so, when he was an undergraduate physics major somewhere out east and I was a philosophy major at Berkeley, and even then he was obviously blindingly intelligent.  A conversation with him was always a rather intense experience.  Since then, it seems, he has learned to stop and smell the flowers.  So may we all, my friends!

Stephen Hicks  Professor of Philosophy at Rockford College, not far from where I pitch my own tent.

Wendy McElroy's Site Wendy is a self-described "individualist feminist" and "individualist anarchist." "Proud to be a text-only site!"

Did you know that the son of the late, lamented political philosopher John Rawls is a fire-eating, butt-kicking, take-no-prisoners ... well, non-leftist?  At least, that is how I interpret him.  He's also a student at Stanford University and author of interesting op-ed pieces. (Interestingly, he claims that his views on moral philosophy are basically the same as his dad's.)   One of my favorite Rawls (fils) essays is the one where he says that radical Islamists are right to despise our lack of basic morals, but wrong to blame it on liberty.   His new blog is Error Theory (even the name is interesting!)  Having said that, I probably should repeat my disclaimer, that this does not constitute an endorsement of the positions he takes. 

Sites with Original Philosophy Links to personal web pages of philosophers. Emphasis on ethical and political subjects.

Commercial Sites (People trying to sell you stuff):

Blackstone Audio Books Complete tape recordings of high quality books, including literary classics and (believe it or not) philosophy.  Another company performing similarly admirable sevices is Audio Book Contractors

Bookfinder.com Find used, out-of-print, or rare books at books stores all over the U. S. Often a life-saver for the gonzo reader. (I oughta know!)

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