Monona Terrace The site of the new Frank Lloyd Wright building in Madison. With links to other beautiful FLW sites.

Panoramic view of Madison from atop Bascom Hill, taken in 1911. If you know Madison, I am sure you will get a buzz out of this. In case you don't: The semi-Romanesque building with the conical roofs, just to the right of the lake at the left end of the picture, is Science Hall, where Charles Sanders Peirce once delivered a lecture on astronomy. Just to the left of it, at the edge of the lake, is the site on which H. C. White Hall, home of the UW Philosophy Department, now stands. To look for pictures of your own home town, or more neat stuff on Madison, go to the site from which I got this picture, the fabulous American Memory project of the Library of Congress. Highly recommended: try browsing their "panoramic maps" collection.
Madison City Government Yep. The government. You just can't get away from it. Especially in this town.