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Last updated: October 2015

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Jan Wojcik Memorial Prize

The Journal of the History of Philosophy The Journal of the History of Philosophy is pleased to announce the Jan Wojcik Memorial Prize for graduate students in the history of philosophy.  Made possible by the generosity of Jan’s children and their families, this annual award of up to $4000 is intended to further the research of a graduate student enrolled and resident in a North American Ph.D. program and working on a dissertation in the history of philosophy (all periods).  The prize will be given to fund either

(a) Travel to archives or libraries outside of North America to pursue research for a dissertation in the History of Philosophy
(b) Travel to present a paper in the history of philosophy accepted at a conference or seminar outside of North America.

An application should include a one-page description of the applicant’s dissertation topic, a brief cv, a budget for the proposed travel and two letters of support.  In the case of (a) (travel abroad for research purposes), the application should also include a description (not to exceed two pages) indicating what research the applicant will be carrying out abroad and how travel will further that work.  In the case of (b) (travel abroad to present at a conference or seminar), the application should include a summary of the paper to be presented and a copy of the notice indicating that the paper has been accepted.  It is expected that the JHP’s award of the prize will be acknowledged in any conference paper or publication resulting from it.
In either case, the prize is awarded for travel in the same calendar year as the deadline for applications. The winner will be announced in the first issue of the JHP for that year. The successful candidate is expected to submit a brief report (maximum one page) to the chair of the Wojcik prize panel, Professor Sarah Hutton .

Application forms may be downloaded here.

All materials should be sent by email to Professor Sarah Hutton at sarah.hutton@york.ac.uk.

Deadline for applications:  January 31, 2016

Jan Wojcik
Jan Wojcik served as Book Review Editor for the Journal of the History of Philosophy from 2001-2005. As a graduate student she had the chance to travel overseas to consult archives in Europe, an experience from which she considered she had benefited greatly. She would have wished other graduate students to have a similar opportunity for travel abroad.

Recipients and their projects
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May 7, 2015
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that the recipient of this year's Jan Wojcik Memorial Prize is Aaron Spink (University of South Florida).