Joel Ballivian

Credentials: Epistemology, Confirmation Theory, Practical Ethics, Philosophy of Religion


5172 Helen C. White

I received both my B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from Western Michigan University. These are some of the questions I like to think about: do innocent beneficiaries of injustice have any compensatory obligations? If so, what kind, and to whom? I think it is impermissible to eat animals raised in factory farms, but is it impermissible to eat, say, a vegetarian dish from a restaurant that also serves factory farm meat? In light of the many serious needs in the world, am I morally justified in having so many luxuries? Less practical: Can I be justified in believing P without having good evidence for P? Aside from empirical evidence, what sorts of considerations help us rationally adjudicate between competing hypotheses? Are there any good reasons to believe in God? When not philosophizing, I enjoy blogging, playing drums, writing half-finished songs on the guitar, dancing wildly at weddings, watching Kim’s Convenience, and Manchester United (!).