Elizabeth Bell

Credentials: Formal Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Science, Ancient Philosophy

Email: ebell3@wisc.edu

5112 Helen C. White

Before coming to Madison, Elizabeth earned her B.A. in philosophy and B.S. in psychology from Boise State University. She also earned her M.A. In philosophy from the University of Wyoming. In her master’s thesis, Elizabeth began modifying the AGM model of belief revision so that it could accommodate multiple entrenchment orderings. The main questions currently plaguing her include: “What are the ways in which a belief becomes important to an agent?”, “If there are different ways, are some better (or more rational) than others?”, “What is the connection between evidence, explanation, and understanding?” In her search for answers, she is currently focused on Bayesian approaches to belief maintenance. When she isn’t actively pursuing her philosophical interests, she enjoys Backpacking, cooking, and a good fantasy novel.