Michael Bruckner

Credentials: Metaethics (esp. Moral Psychology), Epistemology (esp. Ethics of Belief), Philosophy of Mind

Email: mwbruckner@wisc.edu

Michael holds a BA from the University of Vienna and a BPhil from the University of Oxford. His research revolves around certain features of the internal life—emotion, perception, personality, etc.—and how we (ought to) relate to them in others. Topics he has written about include the relationship between “Twin Earth duplicates,” the nature of moral judgment, reasons for anger, and the partiality of friendship. His dissertation concerns the nature and norms of character judgment. Among other things, he is trying to decide how literally to take perceptual language like “seeing someone for who they really are” or “looking right through someone.” To clear his head, Michael likes to move silently through space for extended periods of time, preferably through water or up a mountain. He gets disproportionally excited about puns and wordplay, retro video games, and 90s pop music.