Emmaline Secada

Credentials: Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Latin American Philosophy

Emmaline received her B.A. in Philosophy, Foreign Affairs, and Latin American Studies, and her M.A. in Philosophy, from the University of Virginia. There, they became interested in early modern philosophy, especially Descartes, and certain contemporary areas of research such as philosophy of mind and environmental ethics.
Now, Emmaline is primarily interested in topics at the intersection of history of philosophy and philosophy of mind, such as perception, the self, and freedom, particularly in Kant but also in Descartes and Spinoza. They are also interested in Latin American philosophy, especially metaphilosophical themes and questions of identity.
In her free time, she likes walking and biking in nature, thrifting, reading and writing (especially poetry), traveling to new cities (especially for live music), playing bass, skateboarding, dancing, and spending time with her cat.