Emmaline Secada

Credentials: Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, Environmental Ethics

Emmaline received her B.A. in Philosophy, Foreign Affairs, and Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia, and her M.A. in Philosophy from the same institution. There, she became primarily interested in early modern philosophy, especially Descartes’ metaphysics and philosophy of mind, and also developed an interest in certain contemporary areas of research such as philosophy of mind and environmental ethics. Now, she spends some of her time reading the philosophy she pretends to still enjoy and spends most of her time “reluctantly” reading Kant.

You can find her spending time in nature (thinking about Kant), reading and writing poetry (about Kant), and trying to play the bass guitar (since it is the groundwork of musical pieces). Like Kant, she takes regular walks, and similar to Kant, she is trying to shake off the habit of dogmatic slumber.