Stephanie Sheintul

Credentials: Normative Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy


5160 Helen C. White

Stephanie received her B.A. in philosophy and philosophy, politics, and law (PPL) from SUNY Binghamton in 2015. Her research interests are primarily in normative ethics and social and political philosophy ( paternalism). She has also recently taken an interest in topics at the intersection of ethics and epistemology. She is currently writing a dissertation which aims to further advance our understanding of when and why paternalism is morally objectionable. Her focus is specifically on motive-based accounts of paternalism, namely those which emphasize the moral significance of the paternalist’s attitude of distrust and the paternalist’s interference in the recipient’s sphere of legitimate agency. The first, attitudinal aspect, is largely overlooked in the literature. Stephanie’s dissertation seeks to fill in this theoretical lacuna. In the dissertation, Stephanie specifies the nature of the paternalist’s attitude of distrust, and using this account, explains when and why holding, and acting paternalistically based on, this attitude is morally objectionable. You can find more information about Stephanie here: