Graduate Student Achievements


Danielle Lee Clevenger

  • Koolage, W.John, and Clevenger, Danielle (forthcoming). “Undergraduate Conferences as High Impact Practices with an Impact on Gender Parity.” Teaching Philosophy, 41 (3).

Patrick Cronin

  • Cronin, Patrick. “Regularity Theories Disconfirmed: A Revamped Argument and a Wager” Synthese (2016), DOI:10.1007/s11229-016-1177-y.

Stewart Eskew

  • “Religious Belief and Surrogate Medical Decision Making,” with Christopher Meyers, Journal of Clinical Ethics (Summer 2009)

Megan Fritts

  • “Kierkegaard and Binswanger on Faith’s Relation to Love: A Response to Schrjivers,” (published with a reply from Joeri Schrjivers), Syndicate (forthcoming Winter 2018).

Andrea Guardo

Alex Hyun

  • Hyun, Alexander (forthcoming). ‘The Mystery of Atonement and Swinburne’s Reparation Theory,’ Religious Studies.
  • Hyun, Alexander (2015). ‘Internalism, Ideal Advisors and the Conditional Fallacy,’ Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 1-7.
  • Hyun, Alexander and Eric Sampson (2014). ‘On Believing the Error Theory,’ Journal of Philosophy 111 (11), 631-640.

Zi Lin

  • “The Leverage Approach for Sufficiency?”, forthcoming in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

David Moon

  • When Does Dual For-Cause Removal Protection Become Unconstitutional? Exploring the Scope of Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 2013 Wis. L. Rev. 875..

Blake Myers

  • “Inherent emotional quality of human speech sounds” (co-authored with Maia Pujara, Rick Wolf, & Mike Koenigs) Cognition and Emotion, 27, 2013, pp. 1105-1113.
  • “Knowing That P Without Believing That P” (co-authored with Eric Schwitzgebel) Nous(forthcoming).
  • “Functional anatomy of ventromedial prefrontal cortex: Implications for mood and anxiety disorders” (co-authored with Mike Koenigs) Molecular Psychiatry 2011, doi: 10.1038/mp.2011.88. [Epub ahead of print]

Gregory Nirshberg

  • Masrour, F., Nirshberg, G., Schon, M., Leardi, J., & Barrett, E. (2015). Revisiting the empirical case against perceptual modularity. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1676.

David O’Brien

  • O’Brien, D. (2018) The unit and currency of egalitarian concern. Journal of Moral Philosophy (forthcoming)
  • O’Brien, D. (2018) Egalitarian nonconsequentialism and the levelling down objection. Ratio (forthcoming)
  • O’Brien, D. (2017) Inequality of opportunity: some lessons from the case of highly selective universities. Theory and Research in Education 15 (1): 53-70.

Adam Pham

  • Pham, Adam K. (2017). “Mainstream economics and the Austrian school: toward reunification.” Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 41-63.

Ben Schwan

  • “What Ability Can Do” forthcoming in Philosophical Studies, DOI: 10.1007/s11098-017-0888-3
  • “A Causal Understanding of When and When Not to Jeffrey Conditionalize” (with Reuben Stern) Philosophers’ Imprint 17(8), pp. 1-21

Olav Vassend

  • Vassend, Olav B. (2015) “Confirmation Measures and Sensitivity” (2015)Philosophy of Science 82 (5): 892-904.

Jonathon VandenHombergh

  • Forthcoming, ‘Consciousness, Conceivability, and Intrinsic Reduction,’ Erkenntnis
  • 2017, “Inconceivable Physicalism,” Analysis, 77(1): 116-125.

Aaron Yarmel

  • Yarmel, A. (forthcoming). “Between Crisis-Philia and Crisis-Phobia: Reflections on the Community of Inquiry.” Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis, 38 (2).

Professional Presentations

Katie Aulenbacher

  • “Minding the Gap: P4C and Arendt’s Crisis in Education” (with Aaron Yarmel) Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society (October 2017).

Elizabeth Bell

  • “How A Causalist Theory of Action Can Account for Intentional Omissions” American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting (February 2018).
  • “How A Causalist Theory of Action Can Account for Intentional Omissions” Northwest Philosophy Conference (October 2017).
  • “How Special Relations Can Provide Agent-neutral Reasons” Iowa Philosophical Society Conference (November 2016).
  • “Special Relations as the Grounds of Agent-neutral Reasons” Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference (October 2016)
  • “Another Stoic Inconsistency: Propositions and Predicationals” Northwest Philosophy Conference (October 2015).
  • “Multiple Entrenchment Orderings in the AGM Model of Belief Revision” Boise State University (September 2014).

Michael Bruckner

  • “The Myth of the Given Advice: Towards Eliminativism about Doxastic Moral Deference,” Ways of Knowing in Ethics, Simon Frasier University, Vancouver, Canada (June 2018)

Danielle Lee Clevenger

  • “Utilizing Movement in Learning Activities,” Panel presentation. “Shaking Up the Standard Lecture,” American Philosophical Association (Central), 2018.

Katie Deaven

  • “Ghosts of Departed Quantities,” Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy’s Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, 2016
  • “Shortcomings in Shoemaker’s Defense: The Unresolved Korsgaard-Parfit Debate,” 67th New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society’s Annual Conference, Texas State University, San Marcos 2016

Kevin Dewan

  • “The Inseparability of Mental Content and Processes,” Iowa Philosophical Society, Davenport, IA (October 2011)
  • “A More Modest Reductive Physicalism,” Wisconsin Philosophical Association, Milwaukee, WI (April 2011)

Stewart Eskew

  • “Prospects for a Non-Causal, Non-Natural Moral Perceptualism” Alabama Philosophical Society Conference, Pensacola, FL (October 2012)
  • “Religious Belief and Surrogate Medical Decision Making” Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, San Antonio Texas (February 2008)

Megan Fritts

  • “Measuring Well-Being and Valuing Virtue”, APA Pacific Division Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 28-31, 2018
  • “Measuring Well-Being and Valuing Virtue”,Alabama Philosophical Society, Pensacola, FL, September 29-30, 2017“
  • “Measuring Well-Being and Valuing Virtue”, Eudaimonia Conference, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, April 20-22, 2017
  • “Actions and Projects: A Proposed Solution to the Problem of Vague Attribution”, Alabama Philosophical Society, Pensacola, FL, September 30-October 1, 2016
  • “Sin and Supererogation”, with Calum Miller, LOGOS conference, University of Notre Dame, May 5-7 2016
  • “The Moral Significance of Pain in Draper’s Argument from Evil”, with Robert Reed, Alabama Philosophical Society, Pensacola, FL, October 2-3 2015

Alex Hyun

  • “The Argument from Epistemic Duties: A New Argument for External Reasons for Action,” Eastern APA, Baltimore (January 2017).
  • “The Argument from Epistemic Duties: A New Argument for External Reasons for Action,” Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (August 2016).
  • “Anselmian Theism and Reasons Internalism,” Society of Christian Philosophers (Midwest), Mobile, Alabama (March 2015).
  • “Debunking our Skepticism about Moral Deference,” Second Annual Philosophers’ Cocoon Conference, Tampa, Florida (July 2014).
  • “Of Course We Can Believe the Error Theory” (with Eric Sampson). Wisconsin Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin (April 2014).
  • “How to Use Moral Testimony”, Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (August 2013).
  • “Moral Deference and the Puzzle of Moral Confusion”, Midwest Division of the Society of Christian Philosophers (April 2013).
  • “Virtue and Moral Deference”, Wisconsin Philosophical Association (April 2013).

Jay Leardi

  • “Homogenous Pink” (with Kathleen Akins), Wilfrid Sellars Centenary Conference, Dublin Ireland (July 2012)

Zi Lin

  • The Leverage Approach for Sufficientarianism”, Central APA, Chicago, March 2016
  • “Universalizability: What Can it Tell us about Right and Wrong?”, Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, August 2015
  • “Killing, Injuring, and Animals: A Kantian Perspective”, Pacific APA, Vancouver, April 2015
  • “Why does Health Matter for Justice?”, Graduate Workshop in Applied Philosophy, Bowling Green, November 2014; Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference, Oxford, June 2014
  • “Consequentializing Inviolable Rights”, Pacific APA, San Diego, April 2014

Blake Myers

  • “Judgments of Belief and Knowledge: Interactive yet Independent”, Experimental Philosophy Society, Eastern APA, December 2009.

Gregory Nirshberg

  • “Does the Judgment Internalist’s Claim Depend on a Particular View of Motivation?” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting, Main Program, Colloquium Session, San Francisco, CA. (March 2013)
  • “It’s Not All About Beliefs: The Extended Mind and Why Propositional Attitudes are Still in the Head”, 2013 meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Austin, TX. (February 2013)
  • “Can Embodied Cognition Deny Representation and Still Explain Intentionality?” Poster presentation, Annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Boulder, CO. (June 2012)

David O’Brien

  • “Conservatism Reconsidered” Wisconsin Philosophical Association, Oshkosh (April 2018)
  • “The Limits of Justice as Fairness: The Case of Higher Education” APA Central Division Meeting, Chicago (February 2018); Center for Ethics and Education Annual Meeting, Chicago (February 2018)
  • “Equality of Opportunity and Highly Selective Universities” Changing Access to Higher Education Conference, Stanford University (October 2016)
  • “Defending Telic Egalitarianism”, Center for Moral and Political Philosophy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (June 2016)
  • “The Difference Principle and Fraternity”, Pacific APA, San Diego CA (April 2014)
  • “On the Disagreement Between Luck Egalitarians and Relational Egalitarians”, MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory, Manchester UK (September 2014)

Clinton Packman

  • “Defending Permissive Intuitions” (with Casey Hart), American Philosophical Association Central Division, Kansas City, 2017
  • “Defending Permissive Intuitions” (with Casey Hart), Meeting of the Society of Exact Philosophy, University of Miami, 2016
  • “Epistemic Teleology, Reliabilism, and the Problem of Epistemic Trade-Offs,” Midsouth Philosophy Conference, Rhodes College, 2016
  • “Epistemic Teleology, Reliabilism, and the Problem of Epistemic Trade-Offs” Northwest Philosophy Conference, North Idaho College, 2016
  • “The Limits of Epistemic Consequentialism,” Wisconsin Philosophical Association (2015)
  • “Mushy Credences, Coin tosses, and Admissibility,” Midsouth Philosophy Conference (2014)
  • “The Problem of Irrelevant Causal Factors,” Invited lecture: California State University, Long Beach (2014)
  • “Epistemic Permissivism and The Argument from Arbitrariness,” Wisconsin Philosophical Association (2014); Midsouth Philosophy Conference (2015)
  • “Miracles & the Best of All Possible Worlds”, Wisconsin Philosophical Association (April 2013)

Marcos Picchio

  • “Rawls’s Mature Account of Justice Between Generations,” 4th International Conference for Economics and Philosophy, Lyon, France

Ben Schwan

  • “The Ability Ought Implies,” Midsouth Philosophy Conference (2017)
  • “What Ability Can Do,” Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress (2016); Ohio Philosophical Association Annual Meeting (2016)
  • “A Causal Understanding of When and When Not to Jeffrey Conditionalize” (with Reuben Stern), Formal Epistemology Workshop (2016)
  • “The Reasons Intentions Give,” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meeting (2016)
  • “Acting, Right, and Wrong: A Defense of Reasons Internalism,” College of Wooster Philosophy Roundtable (2015)
  • “Reconsidering the Empirical Model of the Evidential Status of Moral Intuitions,” Midsouth Philosophy Conference (2015)
  • “When to Jeffrey Conditionalize” (with Reuben Stern), An Informal Formal Epistemology Meeting (April 2014)
  • “Looking in Our Heads: Distinguishing the Theory Theory’s Account of the Conscious Stream from the Inner Sense Model’s Introspection”, The Wisconsin Philosophical Association (2013); The Society for Philosophy and Psychology (2013)

Lindsey Schwartz

  • “Statutory Disenfranchisement: the undue cost of a felony conviction”, Philosophies of Incarceration, Villanova, PA (March 2017).

Stephanie Sheintul

  • “A Capabilitarian Account of Fairness,” VIII Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy, University of Minho, (June 2017)- accepted but could not attend.

  • “A Capabilitarian Account of Fairness,” Challenging Inequalities: Human Development and Social Change, (September 2017).

  • “A Paternalist Friendly Capabilities Approach,” Human Development and Social Inclusion in an Urbanizing World, Universidad Católica, (September 2018).

  • “Non-Idealized Dignity and the Moral Permissibility of Paternalism: A Reformulation of Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach,” Human Development and Capability Association Conference, Tokyo, Japan, September 2016.
  • “Non-Idealized Dignity and the Moral Permissibility of Paternalism: A Reformulation of Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach,” Center for Global Ethics, Conference on Agency, Power, and Politics, University of Birmingham, UK, May 2016.

Shanna Slank

  • “How we know the value of what we haven’t experienced,” 9th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Munich, August 2017
  • “How we know the value of what we haven’t experienced,” Annual Workshop in Practical Philosophy, Universität des Saarslandes, June 2017
  • “How we know the value of what we haven’t experienced,” APA Pre-conference: “Themes in Transformative Experience,” April 2017
  • “Does Philosophy Exclude On The Basis of Class More Than Other Academic Disciplines?” Workshop on Inclusion and Exclusion in Philosophy, Leibniz Universität Hannover, June 2017
  • “Rethinking the Imposter Phenomenon,” Workshop on Biases and Values in Science, Ludwig Maximillian University, June 2017
  • “Rethinking the Imposter Phenomenon,” Pacific APA, Seattle, WA, April 2017
  •  “What, If Any, Is the Value of Ideal Theory?” ANU Philsoc Seminar, Canberra, ACT (June 2014)
  • “On The Pernicious Influence of the Ideal/Nonideal Distinction in Political Philosophy,” MANCEPT Workshop in Political Theory, Manchester, UK (September 2012)

Dennis Trinkle

  • “Delusions and Downstream Effects,” Wisconsin Philosophical Association (2012), Central States Philosophical Association (2012), Illinois Philosophical Association (2012).

Nicholas Vallone

  • “Cartesian Agency: Persons, Volitions, and Actions in Descartes’ Philosophy” Dublin, Ireland (September 26th, 2018).
  • “Intellectual Emotions and Noetic Feelings: What’s the Difference?,” Séminaire annuel de l’UR Phénoménologies, University of Liège, (2017)
  • “The Overdemanding Christ,” Society of Christian Philosophers, Evangel University, (2016)
  • “Lambert’s Gendered Epistemology,” New England Colloquium in Early Modern Philosophy, Yale University, (2016)
  • “Kant and Other Minds,” North Carolina Philosophical Society, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, (2014)
  • “Kant and Other Minds,” United Kingdom Kant Society, London, (2013)

Jonathon VandenHombergh

  • 2018, “Conceptual Sieves,” The New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society, 69th Annual Meeting, Houston, USA.
  • 2017, “Conceptual Sieves,” Third International Conference on Philosophy of Mind, School of Medicine, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.
  • 2016, “Phenomenal Concepts and the Disjunction Problem,” at the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology 108th Annual Meeting, Louisville.
  • 2015, “The Logic of Quantified Two-Dimensional Conceivability Arguments,” at the Philosophy of Language and Mind Masterclass Conference with David Chalmers, Stockholm.

Olav Vassend

  • “Statistical Inference and Approximate Truth,” Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Georgia, Atlanta, November 2016
  • “Goals and the Informativeness of Prior Probabilities,” Formal Epistemology Workshop, Groningen, Netherlands, June 2016
  • “Moderate Bayesianism Is Incompatible With Equal Treatment,” Pacific APA, San Fransisco, California, April 2016
  • “Learning Credences and Betting Credences,” Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Helsinki, Finland, August 2015
  • “Confirmation Measures and Sensitivity,” Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, November 2014
  • “Confirmation and the Ordinal Equivalence Convention,” Pacific APA, San Diego, California, April 2014
  • “Sometimes it is better to do nothing,” Wisconsin Philosophical Association, Madison, Wisconsin, April 2014

Aaron Yarmel

  • What Can Philosophers Do?, Societal Implications: Applying Academic Philosophy Outside of the Academy (March 2018)
  • Minding the Gap: P4C and Arendt’s Crisis in Education, Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society (October 2017)
  • Explanations in Music Theory, Illinois Philosophical Association (November 2014); Central States Philosophical Association (October 2014).
  • Mechanistic Explanations in Music Theory: Lessons from Biology and Physical Geology, Alabama Philosophical Society (October 2013); European Society for Aesthetics (June 2013).
  • Performing Platonist Types, Performance Philosophy (April 2013).
  • Musical States of Affairs: A New Proposal For Realist Platonism, Challenging Musical Ontologies: An RMA Study Day (November 2012).
  • Interlevel Mechanistic Explanations of Musical Ontology, Midsouth Philosophy Conference (February 2012).