Harry Brighouse

Credentials: Mildred Fish Harnack Professor of Philosophy and Carol Dickson Bascom Professor of the Humanities (USC, Ph.D. 1991)

Position title: Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education

Email: mhbrigho@wisc.edu

5119 Helen C. White

Emily Fletcher

Credentials: Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Mellon Chair in Ancient Greek Philosophy, and Chair (University of Toronto, Ph.D. 2012)

Position title: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics

Email: erfletcher@wisc.edu

5185E Helen C. White

Martha Gibson

Credentials: Faculty/Undergraduate Advisor/Administrator (UW Madison, Ph.D. 1989)

Position title: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind

Email: migibson@wisc.edu

5117 Helen C. White

James Goodrich

Credentials: Assistant Professor (PhD Rutgers University, 2022)

Position title: Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, Political Philosophy of Technology

Email: jpgoodrich@wisc.edu

5195 Helen C. White

Paula Gottlieb

Credentials: Professor of Philosophy and Affiliate Professor of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (B.Phil, Oxon. 1983; Ph.D., Cornell 1988)

Position title: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics

Email: plgottli@wisc.edu

5139 Helen C. White

Paul Kelleher

Credentials: Associate Professor (Cornell, Ph.D. 2008)

Position title: Population-level Bioethics, Philosophy of Economics (esp. climate change economics)

Email: jkelleher@wisc.edu

1432 Medical Sciences Center

Annina Loets

Credentials: Assistant Professor (Oxford, DPhil 2020)

Position title: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Social Philosophy

Email: loets@wisc.edu

5137 Helen C. White

John Mackay

Credentials: Associate Professor (Princeton, Ph.D. 2011)

Position title: Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Philosophical Logic

Email: jmackay2@wisc.edu

5167 Helen C. White

Farid Masrour

Credentials: Professor (Arizona, Ph.D. 2008)

Position title: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Epistemology and Kant's Theoretical Philosophy

Email: masrour@wisc.edu

5175 Helen C. White

James Messina

Credentials: Professor (UCSD, Ph.D. 2011)

Position title: Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, German Idealism

Email: jmessina@wisc.edu

5115 Helen C. White

Steven Nadler

Credentials: Vilas Research Professor and William H. Hay II Professor (Columbia, Ph.D. 1986)

Position title: Early Modern Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Jewish Philosophy

Email: smnadler@wisc.edu

5199 Helen C. White

Alexander Roberts

Credentials: Assistant Professor (Oxford, DPhil 2020)

Position title: Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Language

Email: alexander.roberts@wisc.edu

5109 Helen C. White

Russ Shafer-Landau

Credentials: Professor (University of Arizona, Ph.D. 1992)

Position title: Ethics

Email: shaferlandau@wisc.edu

5165 Helen C. White

Lawrence Shapiro

Credentials: Berent Enç Professor of Philosophy (University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. 1992)

Position title: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology

Email: lshapiro@wisc.edu

5111 Helen C. White Hall

Hank Southgate

Credentials: Lecturer/Career Counselor/Advisor/Editor: Journal of History of Philosophy(Northwestern, Ph.D. 2010)

Position title: Kant, 19th century philosophy

Email: southgate@wisc.edu

5163 Helen C. White

Jesse Steinberg

Credentials: Teaching Faculty (University of California Santa Barbara, Ph.D. 2006)

Position title: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Email: jesse.steinberg@wisc.edu

5185 Helen C. White

Robert Streiffer

Credentials: Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics (MIT, Ph.D. 1999)

Position title: Bioethics, Ethical Theory

Email: rstreiffer@wisc.edu

5101 Helen C. White

Michael G. Titelbaum

Credentials: Professor (University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. 2008)

Position title: Epistemology, Ethics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Science, Logic, Decision Theory, Political Philosophy

Email: titelbaum@wisc.edu

5113 Helen C. White

Peter B. M. Vranas

Credentials: Professor (MIT, Sc.D. 1992; Michigan, Ph.D. 2001)

Position title: Philosophical Logic, Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Formal Epistemology, Metaphysics

Email: vranas@wisc.edu

5171 Helen C. White

Aja Watkins

Credentials: Assistant Professor (PhD Boston University, 2023)

Position title: Philosophy of Science

Email: aja.watkins@wisc.edu

5173 Helen C. White

Bruno Whittle

Credentials: Associate Professor (Oxford, PhD 2005)

Position title: Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics

Email: bwhittle@wisc.edu

5197 Helen C. White

Annette Zimmermann

Credentials: Assistant Professor ( DPhil Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 2018)

Position title: Philosophy of AI and Machine Learning, Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Moral and Social Epistemology

Email: zimmermann6@wisc.edu

5123 Helen C. White

Affiliate Faculty

Clinton Castro

Credentials: Affiliate Professor (University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD 2018)

Position title: Information/Data Ethics, Fair Machine Learning, Epistemology

Email: cgcastro@wisc.edu


4252 Helen C. White Hall

Karola Kreitmair

Credentials: Affiliate Professor (Stanford University, PhD 2013)

Position title: Bioethics, Neuroethics, Clinical Ethics

Email: kreitmair@wisc.edu

1430 Medical Sciences Center

Alan Rubel

Credentials: Affiliate Professor (University of Wisconsin, JD 2003, PhD 2006)

Position title: Information Ethics, Law, and Policy; Privacy and Surveillance; Bioethics

Email: arubel@wisc.edu

4238 Helen C. White Hall

Emeritus Faculty

James Anderson

Started at UW: 1990

Retired from UW: 2012

Michael Byrd

Started at UW: 1972

Retired from UW: 2004

Claudia Card (1940-2015)

Started at UW: 1969

Retired from UW: 2015

Donald Crawford (1938-2022)

Started at UW: 1968

Retired from UW: 1992

Fred Dretske (1932-2013)

Started at UW: 1960

Retired from UW: 1990

Berent Ench (1938 - 2003)

Started at UW: 1968

Retired at UW: 2002

Haskell Fain (1926-2018)

Started at UW: 1956

Retired from UW: 1991

Malcolm Forster

Started at UW: 1987

Retired from UW: 2017

Daniel M. Hausman

Started at UW: 1988

Retired from UW: 2020

Email: dhausman@wisc.edu


Lester H. Hunt

Started at UW: 1985

Retired from UW: 2016


Terry Penner

Started at UW: 1970

Retired from UW: 2003

Alan Sidelle

Started at UW: 1990

Retired from UW: 2023

Marcus Singer (1926-2016)

Started at UW: 1952

Retired from UW: 1999

Elliott Sober

Started at UW: 1974

Retired from UW: 2023

Email:  ersober@wisc.edu


Ivan Soll

Started at UW: 1965

Retired from UW: 2011

Dennis Stampe

Started at UW: 1965

Retired from UW: 2008

Keith E. Yandell (1938-2020)

Started at UW: 1966

Retired from UW: 2011