Diversity Statement

Our department embraces the university’s commitment to diversity and believes that philosophical inquiry is greatly enhanced within a diverse and inclusive community. Recruiting the highest-quality graduate students requires that we seek out applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. We strongly encourage women and racial and ethnic minorities to apply to our program and to explore the different Graduate School programs and funding, such as application fee waivers and Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF), in support of its commitment to diversity.


Our goal is to create a supportive climate where all can flourish, whether in the seminar room, at department events, or in the daily interactions in our halls. Our faculty and graduate students meet every month to discuss issues related to diversity and inclusiveness in the classroom and to share pedagogical techniques. We are committed to mentorship and value our role as a training program in helping to make the discipline of Philosophy a welcoming and respectful place.