University of Wisconsin–Madison

Diversity Statement

Our department believes that philosophical inquiry is best conducted by a diverse and inclusive community.  We recognize that in order to recruit the highest-quality graduate students, it is essential to seek out applicants from groups that are currently underrepresented in Philosophy, including women as well as racial and ethnic minorities. We strongly encourage those with diverse backgrounds to apply to our program, and urge those for whom the application fee might be a barrier to apply for an admissions fee grant through the Graduate School. For admitted students, the Department can offer Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF).  We also take pride in our commitment to mentorship, and value our role as a training program in helping to make the discipline of Philosophy a welcoming and respectful place.  Our goal is to create a supportive climate where all can flourish, whether in the seminar room, at department events, or in the daily interactions in our halls.