The Department of Philosophy offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from introductory courses (large and small) to advanced graduate seminars. Dr. Martha Gibson, our long–time undergraduate advisor, can offer specialized advice about course selection for undergraduates, while graduate students can consult their faculty advisors. For more information about our course offerings, please contact either Dr. Gibson or Tammy Banfield, Undergraduate Administrator.

For Registration Questions, email:

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Martha Gibson

Office: 5117 Helen C. White
Phone: 608-263-3747

Departmental Contacts

Undergraduate Program Coordinator / Front Office

Tammy Banfield

Office: 5185 Helen C. White
Phone: 608-263-3700


Emily Fletcher

Office: 5185 Helen C. White
Phone: 608-263-3727

Assistant to the Chair

Jesse Steinberg

Office: 5185 Helen C. White
Phone: 608-263-5162