Paul Kelleher

Associate Professor (Cornell, Ph.D. 2008)

Political Philosophy, Bioethics


1430 Medical Sciences Center

Professor Kelleher studies ethical and philosophical aspects of public policy, especially health policy and climate policy. Specific teaching and research interests include the nature of distributive justice and its implications for health policy; the ethics of rationing and health resource priority-setting; and social responsibilities toward future generations. He is currently writing a book on the philosophical dimensions of the social cost of carbon, a key concept for regulatory policy concerned with climate change. Recent publications include “The Social Cost of Carbon from Theory to Trump,” in Kanbur & Shue (eds.) Climate Justice: Integrating Economics and Philosophy (Oxford University Press, in press); Pure Time Preference in Intertemporal Welfare Economics (Economics & Philosophy); “Descriptive versus Prescriptive Discounting in Climate Change Policy Analysis” (Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy); and (with Gernot Wagner) “Ramsey Discounting Calls for Subtracting Climate Damages from Economic Growth Rates” (Applied Economics Letters).