Josephine Lovejoy

Credentials: Social Metaphysics, Feminist Philosophy


Josephine (Jojo) received her B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from Vassar College in 2019. Her primary research area is social metaphysics. Some questions that puzzle her are: What is the relation between social metaphysics and mainstream metaphysics, and what challenges (if any) does the former pose to the latter? Is there any essence to social groups, such as genders? What are the practical goals of social metaphysics? Apart from these topics, she enjoys reading feminist philosophy and has recently been interested in accounts of hate speech in the philosophy of language. If you can’t find Jojo in Helen C. White, she’s likely going for a run along Lakeshore Path, reading a Sally Rooney book, spending far too much time in St. Vinny’s, or pretending to be a TikTok influencer.