James Messina

Assistant Professor (UCSD, Ph.D. 2011)

Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, German Idealism



5115 Helen C. White

Professor Messina’s research deals with issues in Kant’s mature theoretical philosophy (such as his views on space, philosophical methodology, modality, and the role of the understanding in perception). He also works on earlier German philosophers who had a strong influence on Kant (such as Leibniz, Wolff, and Crusius) and later German philosophers who were strongly influenced by Kant (such as Reinhold, Schulze, Fichte, and Hegel). His recent publications include “Kant on the Unity of Space and the Synthetic Unity of Apperception” (Kant-Studien 2014); “Conceptual Analysis and the Essence of Space: Kant’s Metaphysical Exposition Revisited” (Archiv fuer Gescichte der Philosophie 2015); “The Relationship between Space and Mutual Interaction: Kant Contra Newton and Leibniz” (forthcoming in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy); and “Kant’s Necessitation Account of Laws and the Nature of Natures” (Forthcoming in Kant and the Laws of Nature, edited by Michaela Massimi and Angela Breitenbach).