Robert Streiffer

Credentials: Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics (MIT, Ph.D. 1999)

Position title: Bioethics, Ethical Theory


Phone: 608-263-3700

5101 Helen C. White

Professor Streiffer’s research encompasses bioethics (both medical and agricultural), ethical theory, and political philosophy, with a focus on ethical and policy issues arising from modern biotechnology. Recent publications include “An Expanded Understanding of the Ethical Importance of Civic Engagement in Food Sourcing Decisions at the Institutional Level,” Public Philosophy Journal, (2018), ”The Confinement of Animals Used in Laboratory Research: Conceptual and Ethical Issues,” in The Ethics of Captivity, ed. Lori Gruen (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014),”Ethical Issues in the Application of Biotechnology to Animals in Agriculture,” with John Basl, in The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics (2011), and “Chimeras, Moral Status, and Public Policy: Implications of the Abortion Debate for Public Policy on Human/Nonhuman Chimera Research,” The Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (2010).